Helping the people we support save food, and save money.

Ideas and resources designed for people who provide care and support.

Welcome to Beat The Bin!

Food waste is bad for the planet, but also my bank balance! If I throw away just £10 of food each week, that means I could waste £520 every year. Think of the great things I could do with that extra money!

By learning how to plan, shop, cook and store better, I’m throwing away less food, so I have more money to buy the things I really want.

That’s why I’ve helped to create the Beat The Bin campaign!

I’ve helped put together some special resources and ideas for us all to Beat The Bin. Take a look, give my tips a try, and start saving!

And if you are part of a Community Integrated Care service in Liverpool City Region, you can also enter my Beat The Bin Challenge to win cool prizes! Enter now!

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Enter the Beat The Bin Challenge

Beat The Bin is an exciting challenge where you can enable the people you support to explore how to cook, shop and store food better. You’ll have fun and best of all we have some brilliant prizes on offer for services that take part.

Liverpool City Region Prize Draw!

Win Deliveroo vouchers! We have two main prizes of £100 and three runner up prizes of £50.

This project is exclusively for the Liverpool City Region, and is a prize draw, so you have a great chance of winning a prize for your efforts!

All you need to do is fill in the form below and tell us how many plates of food you save during the Beat The Bin Challenge month 21 February – 20 March 2022*

* Deadline to enter the prize draw is 21 March 2022

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Thank You

Community Integrated Care would like to thank their partners at Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority and Veolia, who have supported many people in our charity to explore their cookery skills, reduce their food waste, and save money.